Using Social Media in Emergency Management—A FEMA Course

In today’s world social media are vital to successful handling of emergencies. That was the theme of two day-long workshops on March 8 and 9, 2016. Staff from the CRC colleges and universities joined staff from North Carolina cities, counties, fire departments, emergency management organizations and even the NC Zoo.

Presenters Sarah Miller from Seattle and Scott Weir from Saint Louis led the workshops. They are consultants for the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center that offers FEMA courses all over the country.

The 51 participants all brought a lap top or tablet and signed into social media to see how agencies across the country are using such platforms as Twitter and Facebook to get the word out in emergencies ranging from weather events to active shooters.

They provided all kinds of background on the use of social media and examples from a wide variety of agencies and emergencies.

Scott Weir, workshop facilitator

Sarah Miller, workshop facilitator

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