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Staff Professional Development Workshop

See highlights from the 2017 workshop

Stephanie Davis from NC State leads a workshop on “Understanding the Multigenerational Workforce” at the July 20, 2017 staff professional development workshop.

Emergency Management and Security Workshops

See highlights from the most recent emergency management workshop

Adjunct Faculty Workshops

See highlights from a 2017 workshop for adjunct faculty on diversity in the classroom

Librarians’ Summer Workshops

Where can you find great ideas about how college and university libraries are adapting to the world of academic resources? Right in Raleigh in July when library staff members from the six CRC campuses come together to explore current issues. The first workshop took place in 2008 at NC State with the theme, “Beyond Books and Computers: The Importance of Working the Frontlines”, and in 2009 the group was at Saint Augustine’s College discussing “Managing Change in Libraries.” In 2010 it was “The Blended Library: Blending Teaching, Technology and Talent.” In July 2011 the theme was “Today’s Libraries: Building on the Best of the Old and New”. In 2012 the theme was “Inform Yourself—The New ABCs for Libraries: Assessment…Basics…Creativity” and in 2013 it was “The Complete User Experience: From the Right Chairs to the Right Help.” The emphasis is always on making sure staff from all the departments of the library profession take part. → See highlights from the 2017 workshop

International programs

CRC colleges and universities are all very involved in study abroad and other international programs. Joining together can be a real win/win as it was in the summer 2009 for a joint NC State and Saint Augustine’s experience in China. That collaboration involving the Confucius Institute at NC State has opened up more opportunities for Chinese language study at Saint Augustine’s University.

Read more about the Confucius Institute

(Do you have an idea that would benefit from two or more CRC colleges joining forces for a project? Email CRC Director Jenny Spiker.)

Virtual reality presenter at the 2017 Library Workshop

Libraries Build on Best of Old & New

CRC has now hosted 10 summer workshops emphasizing all kinds and levels of library staffing and project development. See all of the programs from those workshops:

See 2017 workshop program

See 2016 workshop program

See 2015 workshop program

See 2014 workshop program

See 2013 workshop program

See 2012 workshop program

See 2011 workshop program

See 2010 workshop program

See Contact info for 2011 workshop attendees

See contact info for 2010 workshop attendees

See 2009 program

See 2008 program

Librarians Respond

“I always leave these workshops with ”bright ideas” and try to figure out what we can do differently at our library.”
—from a 2011 workshop participant

Find presentation on Tools for Teaching Online

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